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  • 1. Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
    2. Username: surname.firstname (small letters, no spaces)
    3. Password: the one I gave in class
    4. Two activities to do: Reflection and Quiz

    This will be our online classroom where you will find class notes, online quizzes, vocabulary, reflection activities, etc.
  • Welcome

    This site is being used by the cool students of Sir Ros for their class in Theology.

    Bawal pumasok ang hindi niya estudyante sapagkat siguradong hindi kayo cute!!!

Available Courses

  • This is a 3-unit subject that serves as a foundational course for College Religious Education. It discusses the nature of God’s unfolding of Himself through Divine Revelation and humanity’s response to God’s revealing activity. Finally, the students will be lead to a critical understanding of the basic tenets of the Christian faith summarized in the Creeds.
  • The course is a study of the Moral dimension of faith from a Catholic Christian perspective. It seeks to define an authentically Christian way of responding to God’s immense love and the needs of the contemporary world, using as its basis the framework and foundation of Christian Morality grounded on Sacred Scriptures and Church Teaching in dialogue with human experience and the signs of the times. The course also deals with particular contemporary moral issues and how to respond to them using a Christian model for decision-making.

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